Loving Day 31

Today I complete year two of the Slice of Life writing challenge. I found this year to be more challenging than last. Last March, I had the luxury of more time. This March, I was back to being busier and doubted whether I would be able to keep up. Despite this, I wrote for 31 days and commented on multiple posts each day. There is a lot to love about this accomplishment.

I love the connection to others in the community, those in my own district and those that I have come to know.

I love hearing the stories we all have to tell.

I love getting ideas or new formats for pieces from others.

I love living the day with eyes wide open, thinking about the writing possibilities.

I love talking with my family about ideas for writing.

I love the sense of accomplishment of completing the month.

I love having a collection of memories often told in pictures and words.

And honestly, I love that there will be a break now, but I’ll be back!

Thank you co-authors of Two Writing Teachers.

7 thoughts on “Loving Day 31

  1. Hooray! I’m so glad you returned. I felt connected. I missed you. I often felt like we were back in the reading room. Or how I’d know these stories if we were back there together. I loved those days.

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  2. Yay YOU! I am so glad you jumped in, doubts and all! Your stories were part of each morning in March! I looked forward to the adventures of Miles, the beautiful hiking pictures, and simply getting to know your family life! Here’s to you and a well deserved break!

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