Cup of Love

We waited on the porch awhile. She knew something was up, but we didn’t know all the details. The message was that a surprise would be coming to every senior in town sometime between 10:00 and 12:30. Thank goodness it was a beautiful day. Our surprise came closer to the later end of the timeframe, but was worth the wait.

We heard constant honking in the neighborhood and tried to guess where it might be coming from. The sound grew louder and soon cars decorated with streamers, balloons, paint written messages, and banners slowly approached the house. My shy senior was hesitant. “Go down there,” her sister demanded. Friendly faces waved and cheered and shouted congratulations! They delivered a cup full of goodies and treats- candy, phone accessories, and gift cards ranging from a free shake to a free steak dinner all from local establishments. It was a cup of love- a cup to say we see you seniors in the class of 2021, we know it’s been hard, and we want to celebrate you. It was hard not to be emotional. My heart was touched by the thought, effort, and support that went into this town-wide adopt a senior parade. Today my cup is full!

7 thoughts on “Cup of Love

  1. It’s absolutely amazing what people can do when they come together to celebrate! So happy for your senior…this is a special time in her life and she deserves to be know she is seen! You capture the moment and your feelings beautifully! YAY C!

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