Last Tuesday morning, I saw an email from one of the authors of Two Writing Teachers in my inbox. That’s interestingDid I do something wrong on my post this morning? I wondered. Upon opening it, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was a winner of one of the month’s raffles and would receive a prize. “Yay for you! Congratulations,” the email said. Yes, yay for me, I thought. I responded back with an enthusiastic, “Thank you!” This is my second year participating in the SOL challenge. Last year, being a newbie, I did not feel comfortable entering my name into any of the drawings. This year when I saw the description for the Seat Prize, given to people who have written every day and commented on at least three posts a day, I was tempted by the picture book awarded to the winners. I completed the form even though I never win anything, but the saying “you can’t win if you don’t try” spoke to me. So, after receiving this email, the day was off to a good start!

My routines continued on and a little before 1:00, while eating lunch, I did my usual check of email and saw an additional message in my box from the SOL author. She explained that a mistake was made, and I was actually not a winner and would not be receiving a prize. What could I say? It was an honest mistake and not a big deal. I pondered, Maybe I am luckier than I thought- who else could win a prize and lose a prize within 5 hours? What are the odds? A sincere apology was given and the email ended, “Perhaps this could be the source of inspiration for a slice? You are free to share my mistake!”

So there you have it, I didn’t think I would come back to this story, but I needed a slice!

8 thoughts on “Lucky?

  1. Oops – it is a good attitude to have! It is nice that as writers we can turn things around into a story ! Hope something new comes your way today.


  2. Well, at least it was their mistake. It would have been worse if you had gotten the book, and then, after further review, they discovered that you only left two comments on March 8 because you forgot to click “post comment” on that last one! Imagine the humiliation when they came to take back the book! The agony of defeat!

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  3. Thanks for sharing. It was so relatable. It feels like life has had a lot of prize/no prize situations lately.


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