A Visit

I was in my office working when my phone rang and I saw it was our secretary. “Wendy is here to see you,” she said. “Wendy?” I paused not expecting any visitors, “You can have her come down.” Wendy is a teacher who retired last year. I have known her a long time in all of my roles at my school. When I was a classroom teacher, she saw students in my room for math support. When I was a literacy specialist, we worked together for a year both in support positions. She returned to a second grade classroom, and I coached alongside her many times trying out new things in the workshop model. When I became an administrator, we continued our conversations about students and learning. She is one of the most caring and reflective people I know.

Last March, Wendy joined the Slice of Life challenge and it was fun to write alongside her. I didn’t know it, but even though she is not participating in the writing challenge this year, she has been following me and other colleagues from our district as we write daily this month. She came into my office holding a book about trails in Connecticut and a map. Wendy has been hiking quite a bit. Reading about my hiking adventures, she thought I would enjoy this book and also, exploring a trail that is just about in her backyard. We chatted a bit before she headed off. I sat for a minute before continuing my work touched by her thoughtfulness. Today she filled my bucket.

8 thoughts on “A Visit

  1. Nice to meet you. Like you, I live in Connecticut . . . had a classroom for many years, became a coach (math) and am now an administrator. Keep the book on your desk. You never know when you might need a reminder of this bucket-filler.

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  2. There are teachers from my past who I will never forget. I’m glad you had this relationship with her. These are professional moments to cherish. Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts!

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  3. How amazing, to have a colleague read your writing AND follow-up on a post with you. This post (and Wendy!) gives me such hope!


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