Road Trip

For my senior, the college application process has been different and a bit disappointing. We were lucky that we started college visits early and were able to see a number of schools last year, but missing out on the senior year tours has been hard. Virtual visits provide some view of the college campuses, but they simply do not compare to an in person tour where you can see, hear, and feel what a campus is like.

This morning I woke up with anticipation. One of the schools Calyn was accepted to was welcoming admitted students for an in-person tour. We packed some snacks and of course our Luggable Loo just in case (one of the best purchases of quarantine!) and set off on our trip. It was a beautiful, sunny, blue sky day, the perfect day to be visiting a college campus. Masked, but talking and smiling, students walked about with backpacks slung on their shoulders heading to the library for studying. Music blared as a dance marathon to raise money was taking place on the green. Football tosses happened outside the lawns of dormitories. All the sites were narrated by an actual student who made our small group feel comfortable asking any questions we had orally and not in a chat box! We stood in the quad on this campus impressed by the beauty and charm that had not been captured in the virtual view.

It feels good that the world is slowly opening up again.

9 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. I am smiling as I read this post! Perhaps it is filled with hope and anticipation for your daughter; however, I think it is also filled with hope for a more normal future for us all. Thank you.


  2. Woohooot for an in person accepted students day — SOOOOOO important to get a feel for the school! Here’s to Calyn and her decision process! She’ll find the place for her!!


  3. This is great. I always left those college tours with the feeling that I wanted to go back to college. I hate to say it, but the luggable loo was a revelation in this post. I feel like you’d need a large car for a long trip?! But I definitely understand the need these days.


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