Self Care

This week our school district offered a self care workshop on our half PD day. Unfortunately, I was booked with meetings and could not attend. This is something I believe is important though and was glad when the handouts were sent to everyone prior to the meeting. I took a look at them tonight to see if I might find some value and decided to use the first activity suggestion as my slice!

“List as many things as you can think of that bring you joy. Some may be things that you do, some may be inanimate things that have sentimental value, some may have a positive association with a person, a place, or an event. Some may just evoke strong positive feelings. These are “feel good” things. Record them quickly as you think of them, in no particular order. “

Here goes…

Running, especially outside on a cool partly sunny day

Reading on my front porch in the late afternoon

Listening to Loretta Lynn Christmas songs beginning on Thanksgiving

The apple turnovers with icing my father makes

The mountain house, as we call it, in Jay, NY

The cottage on the beach in Lordship

Attending my kids’ sporting events

Having a clean house

Uncovering the outdoor furniture in the spring

Having freshly cut flowers and plants in the house

Road trips that take us to new places

Hiking with my family

Having my pup sleeping on my lap

Finding a true farm to table restaurant

Jeans and T-shirt weather

Two handed coffee drinking mornings

Warm chocolate chip pie with vanilla ice cream

Choosing how to incorporate some of these into a self care plan looks like activity number two, but I’ll continue tomorrow. For now, I am feeling more positive already!

11 thoughts on “Self Care

  1. Two handed coffee drinking mornings…love that combination of words, the Image they create and the feeling they evoke. I, too, love those mornings! Also might be borrowing this format! Happy Saturday!

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  2. I am totally borrowing this idea for my own life! I’ve been focused on gratitude all month and it really does amaze me how focusing on gratitude and joy shifts things. Here’s to a two-handed coffee morning! So glad to see someone else from upstate NY!

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  3. This list has so many great things on it…and, I might point out to my class, most of them don’t really involve possessions…though, I suppose some might argue that having any free time is one of our privileges. I, too, was struck by the image of the two-handed coffee. I can see it so clearly, and see myself in it, both at home and on camping trips.
    BTW, I too missed the self care because I was at a ppt. I am going to do this exercise. How perfect that it led to a slice.

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