Puppy Mom Failure

I was distracted in the Zoom meeting as my phone made a buzzing sound vibrating against my wooden desk. One time wasn’t a big deal, however as the sound continued with repeated calls, I began to get a little nervous. My kids might call in a school day, but if I don’t answer they will wait for me to call back rather than call a second time. 

As soon as my meeting ended, I called home. Immediately upon answering, I heard ear piercing yelps in the background over my daughter’s nervous verbal summary of how Miles had thrown up four times in a row and was constantly whimpering. “Did someone step on him?” “Did he eat something?” “Were you watching him?” Hanging up with no explanation of what might have happened, I called the vet. “He should come in to be seen. Can you be here by 3:00? You can’t get here a minute after or else you will have to go to the emergency clinic instead. I should warn you though that if you arrive here, and he needs surgery, you will need to go to the emergency clinic anyway.” I listened while at the same time trying to figure out if I could even make it there by 3:00 from work. My thought process was interrupted by the sound of a text coming through as I was on the phone. “You have to call me,” said the message from my daughter. 

I hung up and called her. “Mom,” she said in her I’ve got big news for you voice, “He just threw up a mask and a hair scrunchie.” “Are you sure? Put your Dad on,” I insisted.  My husband came to the phone to confirm the report. He added, “And now he is acting totally fine.” 

I hung up processing this a bit before I called the vet back. I wondered what they would possibly think of my puppy mothering skills. This dog doesn’t leave our sight. This made no sense. I reported the alarming news to the receptionist who responded, “That’s excellent.” “Are you being sarcastic or serious?” I asked confused. “Serious,” she said “It’s a good start. It is better if it came out that way, although you will still need to bring him in for an exam.” 

A few x-rays later, I returned home with one exhausted puppy. I was feeling relieved Miles was okay, but I was not proud of my first puppy mom failure.

5 thoughts on “Puppy Mom Failure

  1. Poor you! I know just how you feel. I had a cat once eat a roast string and $2000 later she was fine. Dumb pets.
    Got to love them, got tp hate them… What we do for the silly critters.! All is well that ends well. And, Miles sure is a cute one. 🙂 Wendy


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