Where to go Wednesdays?

We don’t eat out often. We do so most often in the summer. Beginning a few years ago when our kids became old enough to stay home for a couple of hours, my husband and I took advantage of eating out at a new restaurant, often searching for the best farm to table options. Not being able to dine out this summer was a disappointing thought. When our twentieth anniversary came around on Wednesday, July 1st, we contemplated how to celebrate. We had eaten home every night since March, not even ordering out. I declared that I might be willing to get take out and find a spot near the water to eat. We ordered lobster rolls from the restaurant where I had my bridal shower (trying to be nostalgic, I guess) and headed to the nearby water to eat.

And so began a new summer tradition. Every Wednesday since, we have chosen a place to take out new dishes like a lobsterdilla or a crab cake blt and then looked for water spots with the best views to eat at. Our last dinner choice was Mexican street food complete with Margaritas to go.

These nights, you could say, have become “Where to go Wednesdays?”- one more unexpected but fun experience that has come out of the pandemic.

8 thoughts on “Where to go Wednesdays?

  1. Sounds absolutely perfect! I like “Where to go Wednesdays”! Getting outside and dining is sometimes just what we need! There are new traditions, like this one, in the making! Some day, we will look back and say “remember when”! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Love the way your piece turns from a rather sad effect of the pandemic to a new family tradition. By the way, Happy Late Anniversary! Our twentieth anniversary is approaching in October. Glad you found a way to celebrate yours!

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  3. Your title pulled me in, because I have been taking weekly road trips, and thought yours might be a similar post. I like the food angle, too! My husband and I started frequenting a neighborhood restaurant the first year of empty nesting, on Friday nights in lieu of the football games we attended as band parents. We were so happy when they started offering phone-ahead carry-out service! Not quite the same as sitting in our favorite booth, but at least we had our favorite food!

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  4. I love the idea of Where to Go Wednesdays. The catchy name adds to the experience, I think. Our neighborhood held onto the Bang your Pots Wednesday tradition until last week. We had no idea that our dog had really looked forward to it. The Wednesday before last, we had been out on a walk, heard the banging pots at 7:00 sharp. He started whining and tugging on his leash. We didn’t make it back in time for him to see our neighbors, particularly the two who adore him and fuss over him. He looked so disappointed. We made sure we were ready and at home last week, but our across the street neighbors, the ones who are really the mayors of our street, were on vacation, and no one came outside. The mayors are back, so we’re hoping to be back banging pots tomorrow. Here’s to traditions, rowdy or peaceful.


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