We are expecting and have so many questions.

Will we know what to do? (It’s been awhile.)

What do we need for his arrival? (We are starting all over.)

Which doctor should we choose? (Ours is retiring.)

How and where will he sleep? (In our room or not?)

What is the best book to read about raising him? (Maybe the “rules” have changed?)

Will we be able to manage? (With three kids already, life is so busy.)

We are expecting and have so many questions.

But, we can’t wait to meet him.

Coming soon…

10 thoughts on “Expecting

  1. So fun! I’m so happy and excited for you all. There’s always room for a new member of the family…I think you’ve told me that many times. You’ll figure it out and that will be one lucky pup. Congratulations! ❤️

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  2. I loved your structure here….with the parentheses adding more clarification to each question. That little face! My daughter is fully intent on us getting a pug. I was always anti-pet but if we go back into a long quarantine, I am really thinking about it!

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  3. Awww! I love the surprise, abetted by having to scroll to get there. Congratulations on expecting your furbaby! Thanks for the much-needed smile this morning.

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