Twenty Years in Numbers

Tomorrow we celebrate 20 years, so we decided to brainstorm a meaning to each number. It proved harder than we thought!

20 years of marriage

1996 the year we met

18 years left to pay off the mortgage

17 years with our daughter, Calyn

16 years we had our dog, Maizie

15 years with our daughter, Maura

14 road races completed together

13 years with our son, Nolan

12 nieces and nephews 

11 years living in Trumbull

10 jobs between us over the years

9 years living in Stratford

8 brothers or sisters in law

7 trips together without kids

6 different sports to watch our kids play

5 people in our family

4 trips on planes with the kids

3 children we are blessed with

2 houses we have owned

1 happy couple

6 thoughts on “Twenty Years in Numbers

  1. This is such a great idea, and doing it together – what a perfect anniversary activity! You’ve given me an idea for some upcoming family birthday cards (My dad’s turning 90, so the countdown might have to be in decades, not years.). Maybe I’ll share this as a summer notebook idea! Happy 20 years together!

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