Change of Scenery

My family has a second home in Jay, New York, a small town outside of Lake Placid. We travel here a few times a year to enjoy the mountain views and quiet slower pace of life. Needing something different, we decided to venture up there this weekend. We knew there were still restrictions but thought the short trip might serve us well. On Saturday morning, we loaded the car with our usual bags, a few coolers filled with food, and an assortment of masks. We urged the kids to use the bathroom multiple times before our departure and discouraged a lot of water drinking so as not to have to stop along the way. Perhaps the break from car rides for the past three months aided us because on the ride, everyone entertained themselves very well. If you have ever traveled up North this way, you know the feeling when one leaves I-87 at exit 30 and takes a left to begin the scenic route through the mountains- it makes the long drive all worthwhile. We rolled the windows down and appreciated the fresh crisp air Upstate has to offer and our quick getaway began.

We walked the dirt roads,

fished in the lake,

completed a virtual run for a charity,

and walked around the village where everyone wore masks and respected social distancing despite their low 36 cases in the entire county.

We drove home saner and grateful to have escaped for a little while. Sometimes all you need is a pretty change of scenery.

Keep living, just safely.

7 thoughts on “Change of Scenery

  1. Yes, i agree that sometimes the change of scenery is what you need to recharge your body and reset your mind. I am happy you had the chance to do it.

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  2. How lucky you were to get away and change your scenery. We also have a second home in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and it is always refreshing to go there to getaway. We do many of the things that your family did – fish, hike, and enjoy the fresh air. I grew up outside of Rochester NY and have been to Lake Placid several times in my life. It is a wonderful choice for a getaway!

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