The Birthday Parade

My phone buzzed and I picked it up to see a group text from a friend. She was planning a drive by birthday parade for her husband because she knew it would humiliate him in a good way. What fun! I have chauffeured my girls to friends’ parades, but an adult one sounded like a great idea. The day of the celebration was filled with an anticipation that has been missed- it was like we had plans that evening. My husband spent time designing the sign and I wrote brightly colored messages on the car. When the time came, we loaded the family up and headed over to the secret meeting road taking our place in the long line of decorated cars that had already begun forming. My husband was a newbie at this trend, so I felt very cool being a more experienced birthday drive by-er. The car in front of us had outdone itself. Attached to the back was a cargo carrier filled with giant teddy bears, balloons, and other festive decorations. They got out of their SUV donning their party hats and adding streamers to their “float.” Had the line not been added to behind me already, I might have considered changing our placement. We waited patiently until the lights up ahead on the cars indicated movement. Horns started honking and we were off. We edged along while the cars slowed in front of the house of the birthday boy, each car yelling their wishes and tossing their signs on the lawn. On our turn, my overly enthusiastic husband hung out the window waving his sign and tossing not only it, but a gift he had wrapped in Christmas paper (a sign of the times). Heading down the street, we discovered it was a cul-de-sac, even more perfect for this type of party. We looped around and had a second opportunity to honk horns and say happy birthday again. Heading home, I wondered if this is a trend or a new tradition. I am hoping the latter as I think more birthdays deserve to be celebrated with a parade!

5 thoughts on “The Birthday Parade

  1. Thanks for this great descriptive piece- I have heard of car parades but haven’t been in one! Yours sounds wonderful, and I love imagining the lawn littered with signs and a few packages afterward. Love the Christmas wrapping detail- that says so much about this time.
    PS- I heard about a nursery school parade where the parents drove the little children by their teachers lined up 6 feet apart, and the teachers all blew bubbles at the kids! Brings tears to my eyes.

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  2. Car parades sure do have their place! Perfect for utter silliness, as Al demonstrated by hanging out the window and giving a gift wrapped in Christmas paper! The anticipation of “events” like these sure can make us giddy! I sat outside my house and watched a 5th grade graduation parade — I only knew 3 people — I just liked watching the celebration!

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