Change of Heart

I would gladly sit in my Uggs and Northface in May shivering through a double header and even use the port-o-potty, so I could watch my son’s baseball game.

I would gladly make lunches, so my kids could eat with their friends in the cafeteria at school. 

I would gladly deal with the traffic, so I could see my colleagues and our students engaged in learning.

I would gladly drive back and forth to the high school multiple times in a day chauffeuring my kids, so they could participate in their various activities.

I would gladly spend Saturday mornings visiting multiple grocery stores, so I could hand select fresh fruits and vegetables.

I would gladly wait for a table at a noisy restaurant, so we could have a meal out surrounded by friends.

I would gladly search for the tiniest spot of shade at the outdoor track and stay for hours never knowing when the race will start, so I could watch my daughter run.

I would gladly not complain about these parts of my life that I once found inconvenient, so I could do them again.

8 thoughts on “Change of Heart

  1. I have a wall with post-it’s again! It looks so good! Graduation dates and times, dentist appointments, and reminders about upcoming events! I am glad to have “stuff” to keep track of! Love the structure here! I’m right there with ya!

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  2. There is a beautiful depth in the simplicity of this poetic post. These daily events which we once took for granted are lost and those in quarantine are grieving this and so much more. Yet it begins with a welcoming of the once perceived discomfort. This feels like this message has a larger social meaning now and thank you for sharing it.

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  3. What a wonderful scaffold for your poem! As I read through your poem, I sighed several times because I would gladly welcome these activities! Just going out to dinner with friends or to a movie. Simple things like getting my hair shampooed and cut at the beauty salon or stopping at fruit and vegetable stands or even getting my teeth cleaned! I am sure everyone will connect with your poem – the things we may have felt were chores now seem like welcomed activities and routines we now dearly miss!

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  4. Very true! This time has highlighted what we were taking for granted in our everyday lives before the pandemic. I have had the same sense about what and why I complained before – I would gladly have them back too! I hope I have learned to appreciate all the little things that make life good going forward. Thanks for sharing!

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