Stereotyping My Family

There are a number of videos and articles circulating about quarantine stereotypes. Although my favorite, by far, is the Dude Perfect version, each one often brings me a good laugh and makes me wonder how I would stereotype each member of my own family. This week’s post provides a perfect venue to explore this thinking.

Al, my husband, is The Coach. Before the kids have made it down the stairs from their rooms, he is already saying “What are you doing to get better today?” “Here is a workout that I printed out for you,” or “Cal, what time are we running?” This banter is followed by articles and tweets sent to us about keeping a positive mindset and continuing to work at your sports skills or lectures on the opportunities this unique time presents.

Calyn, my oldest daughter, is The Chef. It has become a part of my day to say, “Cal, what’s for dinner tonight?” She has dusted off the air fryer, the ice cream maker, and the waffle iron and perused all the cookbooks in the house. She recently started an Instagram account where she posts the meals and treats she has created.

Maura, my middle child, is The Binge Watcher. At my command, “Put this away or help with that,” I cringe when I hear in response, “I will, as soon as this episode of Dance Moms is over.” Abby Lee Miller’s voice has sadly become a familiar one in our house and my letting this happen might be my most embarrassing parent moment yet.

Nolan, my youngest, has become quite The Business Man. He finishes his schoolwork in record time, convincing me that it is completed to the best of his ability and still maintains his 4.0 average. When I suggest other activities like maybe you can clean the fence outside or weed the flower garden, the response might be “How much will you pay me?” as he begins to try to negotiate. He has also begun a successful (for a 13 year old) YouTube channel and ebay account (yes, both parent supervised) where he sells his baseball cards in live shows or auctions and has created quite a following. He can often be heard from the basement making deals and telling his customers their total payments due. 

And then, there is me. I am going to ask my family for their suggestions too, however I might call myself The Outdoor Decorator. I have spent money on two things during this time- groceries and outdoor furniture. As one of my daughters pointed out, we have more chairs outside than people we would ever have over, especially while social distancing. It is my hope that if we continue this way of life over the summer, I will live comfortably in the fresh air and sunshine! I might even showcase my multiple outdoor seating areas in another post.

I am grateful that my family has remained healthy and as a result, we can find joy in laughing with/at one another. So, that’s how I would stereotype my family in the current situation and I suggest you consider yours.

6 thoughts on “Stereotyping My Family

  1. Cool slice! Abby Lee Miller was familiar voice in this house at one time – and mine were younger than Maura now! Ha! It’s cool how a stereotype brings gives us a glimpse into who they are and how they are spending their time! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Love this slice. Isn’t it interesting how family members find their niches when they have the time and the where with all to pursue them? Sounds as though you all have a routine that works for you. In my little two-some I’m the chef too.

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  3. I was not familiar with quarantine stereotypes before I read your piece! Interesting concept that I must check out now. You definitely have me thinking how I might “stereotype” my family members – and myself.

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