Sunday Outing

There are great benefits to having your mom live about a mile away. Unfortunately, I needed a sympathy card, and I don’t usually keep extras in the house. (The thought of doing that doesn’t feel right to me.) I knew my mom would have one and of course, she saved the day. “Just leave it on the porch for me,” I tell her.

“I’m going for a walk to Grandma’s house. Who wants to come?” Surprisingly, as I am getting my coat on, I hear footsteps coming my way. Wow they must really want to get out of the house. “Another nice family outing,” I say with a chuckle, but I am really thinking that we might continue these walks even after this social distancing is over. Nolan and Calyn opt for their bikes and Al, Maura, and I walk behind them. 

We have never seen so many people walking in the neighborhood and it is nice to see. Some people are friendlier, waving, saying hello, or commenting on the weather while others are more cautious, walking faster by us or looking away. Nolan and Calyn aren’t in sight anymore as they have pedaled ahead. I know they are probably curiously staring into my parents’ pond. (The pond could be a whole other story. You see, my Dad wanted fish in a pond, so he built a pond in front of his porch for five Koi fish. Well, the fish multiplied quickly, and then he had so many fish, he built a pond on the other side. Now, that other side is almost full, and he would like me to build a pond at my house to take some of the fish!)

As we arrive at the house and start down the long driveway, sure enough, Nolan is sitting on the front porch off to the far right and Calyn is on the bluestone sidewalk, both are watching the fish swim about and push each other away with hopes that food will be thrown into the bubbling water. My mom sits outside too in a wicker chair keeping her distance, and then my dad joins, having a little more trouble keeping his distance. We chat for a bit, watch the fish a bit more, and then decide that is enough for now. These shorter front porch visits are unusual for us as a family, but this one brightened our day and our daily excursion now might be to see the fish (and my parents!)

10 thoughts on “Sunday Outing

  1. My parents live close, also (not that close, but close). And my mom always tends to have what I need. I love this snapshot into what life is like right now. The adventure of a walk or ride to grandma and grandpas and looking at the ponds.

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  2. The line about hoping that this kind of family experience continues beyond this crisis really hit me. Maybe this will be one of the positive outcomes of this disaster – families spending more time together. I’ve been missing my dad SO much. This post gave me an idea. Maybe we can just meet outside and sit far away from each other. Just being in his presence would be so nice. We’ve tried Face Time, but it’s just not the same.

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  3. My sister and I keep joking that we can always just go shopping at mom’s house, she has everything (and then some). Mine are not quite that close, but I like being able to jump in the car and stop by whenever I want.

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  4. My girls would love those fish too! We’ve done a few front yard visits with my mom. I’m grateful they’re close by. I’m glad you’re also close to your family and brightening their day with these little visits.

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