Family Feud Fun

(I apologize in advance for my representation of music tunes.)

Dunna duuuh, Dunna duuuh, Dunna duh duhduh duhduhduh….

“That’s the Rocky theme,” the kids laugh. We all do. “Wait what is it then?” I contemplate and the thought bothers me while we continue to play.

Name a job where you work with metal.

What’s another word for being happy?

If you lived in the Sahara desert, name something you’d have to get used to.

We shout the answers. We make our best X noises. We get excited when the SURVEY SAYS….

It’s time for fast money. We argue over who is the best at it, who should answer for each team. The pressure is on, the points matter.

Name an activity where it pays to look before you leap.

Name a job you can have in the hospitality industry.

Name something people do with coins.

If you lost your sense of smell, what smell would you miss the most?

Name something you can do while reading.

Our minds scramble for the best response. We laugh at the ridiculous ones, question the ones that haven’t made the list, and brag when we have the number one answers.

The game is over, just as Calyn has found the theme song on her phone. 

Duh duh duh, duh duh duh duhduh, duh duh duh, duh duh duh duhduh…

“Oh yeah, that’s it!” I say, glad the mystery is solved. We dance a little and know for sure that we will play this tune to start our next game.

5 thoughts on “Family Feud Fun

  1. I am LOVING our evenings filled with family game playing after dinner. So far we have played Pictionary and Scrabble. I could live like this (the evening with the family gathered around games, at least) for a long, long time! Your writing made me feel like I was sitting at your table playing the game with all of you. The ending is perfect!

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