My Morning Run

On my morning run

I still hit play on Spotify as I headed out the driveway,

I still saw people who waved and said good morning, and

I still stopped to look both ways at the intersection while keeping my legs moving.

On my morning run

I still heard the whoosh of cars going too fast on the road,

I still jumped when the dog in the white house barked at me, and

I still passed my parents’ house and wondered what they were up to.

On my morning run

I still held my pace on the downhill even though my body wanted to move faster,

I still took in the beauty of my neighborhood, and

I still took a right, right, right, left, and right back to where I began.

Returning from my morning run

I was more grateful than usual for this part of my day.

3 thoughts on “My Morning Run

  1. I still… more powerful repetition. I keep thinking that everything feels the same in our house. Here we are still the same. When we get a glimpse of what’s going on beyond our walls, I’m so grateful.

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