Why am I doing this?

I do write, but I write for myself. I write to remember and I write to reflect. I keep a daily gratitude journal. I always think my writing is not worth sharing with anyone else. I even kept my One Little Word this year to myself, but when I reflect on my choice of word, I know what I have to do.

Here is what I wrote on January 4th and never posted.

As I have been listening to my friend, Erika, talk about her One Little Word, I have been considering this idea for myself. Although I have not been publicly writing about OLWs, I think always have many that I am striving for. 

I started the last school year with the word present, even sharing with the staff that my goal was to be present. “Be here now,” said a sign in my office. That’s what I would do. Unfortunately, last year went as far from expected as I thought possible and I had no choice but to be present 24/7 for awhile. It had to be done. I added the word brave along the way and appreciated that another friend, Jessica, reminded me often that I could be brave.

I think situations we face daily force us to embrace many “One Little Words” throughout a year, so that is why choosing one requires so much thought. What one word can embrace everything you want to become in a year? How can you predict what you will need to be? As I continued to think about this (“paralysis by analysis” my husband will say), I woke up this morning after a long night with my teenager, who got her wisdom teeth out earlier in the day, and had the word “push” in my head. Such an odd choice maybe, but I like it. I need to push myself more. Push myself through difficult times, push myself to celebrate more, push myself to embrace, pause, become- all the other words my friends are choosing. I need to push myself to appreciate what I have, who I am, who I am surrounded by, and what I am capable of. I need to push myself to stop dwelling on things that happen, take the lesson from each, and be my best self. That’s what I will try to do. It may seem like an odd choice, but it leaves it open enough for me because you never know what a year will bring.

P.S.- Maybe I’ll even push myself to join the March challenge.  

It’s March already and I will live my One Little Word. Today I will push myself to not only write daily, but share my writing.

14 thoughts on “Why am I doing this?

  1. I’m thrilled you have pushed yourself out of your comfort zone to join this challenge. The SOLSC Community is filled with supportive educators. We have many people who’ve been at this for years (some of us for all 13!) so they will help you feel at home.
    Welcome, welcome, welcome!

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  2. Welcome — so glad you pushed yourself. Push submit every day and push yourself to comment on more than 3 people each day. The more you connect, the more you get out of this month. March challenge taught me about the power of response. I look forward to connecting with you this month – this is my 5th year.

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  3. Welcome to the challenge!! Good for you pushing yourself and putting yourself out there. I can relate to how you feel exactly! My writing has always been just that. My Writing. I literally waited until this morning to put in my participation form for this year, as I too was a bit nervous about it being out there. Glad we both decided to give it a go!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  4. Welcome! I totally understand your fear of sharing, but like Clare and Stacey said, this is a very supportive and welcoming community of teacher-writers. Thanks for pushing yourself and joining in this month! I look forward to writing with you.

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  5. Hooray! I’m so glad you’re here and sharing your writing. I miss you every day and I’m so glad we will be able to connect here. You’re such a big part of why I am where I am today- in love with all things literacy. When you came into my room to model writing workshop 15 years ago, I was not a writer and I certainly had no clue how to teach kids to write. Your passion and knowledge lit a fire in me that keeps burning now. ❤️

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  6. Welcome! I love Clare’s advice: the more you comment, the more you get out of this community! I’m so glad you pushed yourself to join. Some days, it’s REALLY a push to get a piece written and published, but there is such satisfaction in taking on this challenge and knowing that we’re all in it together.

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  7. I agree with you. It is often easier to write for oneself. But the act of starting a blog is a push and a courageous one. Not to mention it is a push toward the unknown. Way to go!

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  8. YAY you! For some reason I am thinking back to the day I met you! The day, I imagine, you pushed yourself to teach a rock solid demo lesson with my third graders. You pushed yourself then, which, in our “younger” days may have been easier. Now, with a few more years and a lot more wisdom, some things are harder to push. I say, yay you, for putting yourself out there! There is nothing like this community and the feedback they give to help you keep on pushing! xoxo

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  9. You rock. You are brave and awesome. I’m inspired by you enough to be commenting at almost midnight when you are sleeping peacefully. I love your writing, your teaching, and your positive energy. XO

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